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10% Bonus Extra For Game Currency - Halloween Discount arrived!

Halloween is near and with that comes costume shopping, decorations, and preparations along with some Jack o Lanterns. The Gaming community is also not staying behind in this spooky event and looking to celebrate it in the best possible way.

Well, what could make the gamers start jumping in joy? Surely, there can nothing be better than an amazing sale where you can get all your favorite in-game items and currencies at the cheapest rates.

This sale won’t be another one to empty your wallets, rather allow you to boost your game without having to go bankrupt. Below, we have a list of amazing currencies and items that you can get at MMOPixel. So, gamers don’t miss out on this sale and get your hands on them early as possible on sales.

Elden Ring Runes/Items and Dark Souls 3 Souls


One of the most Legendary games to bless the gaming community, Dark Souls 3 and Elden Ring both depend heavily on their in-game currency. It isn’t a secret that getting them is hard work not like any other game.

You will have to grind for hours in the scary and ruthless world of Dark Souls and Elden Ring to get a few in-game currencies to enhance your character. To bypass all of this you can get Elden Ring Runes and Dark Souls 3 Souls at the Halloween Sale at the best possible price.

Another unspoken issue is none other than the Elden Ring Items. There are several ways to get an item in this world, and each way has long routes leading to a fight with a devastating enemy. You don’t want to get into that trouble, right? Well, you can simply head over to MMOPixel at this event and get your favorite items at the cheapest rates.

ESO Gold


Elder Scroll Online has a separate fan base that adapted to the versatile world and adventure that comes with ESO. But that doesn’t remove the fact that ESO requires in-game currency to make your hard life easier.

It is much more like the currency we use in real life, to get all the food, weaponry, and essential equipment to survive in the brutal world. So, to get your hands on ESO Gold at the best rates, you can enjoy the Halloween Sale at MMOPixel.

WOTLK Classic Gold, WOW Classic Era Gold, and WOW Gold


It isn’t possible that a gamer hasn't heard of World of Warcraft or famously known as WOW. Well, you can also get your hands on the WOW Gold at MMOPixel in this limited-time Halloween sale event.

Furthermore, we haven’t forgotten about the latest entries of WOW like Wrath of the Lich King (WOTLK) and other Classic entries. You can also get their in-game currency without breaking the bank at MMOPixel.



Final Fantasy, one of the most beloved games of both Console and PC gamers, depends mainly on the in-game currency referred to as Gils. Well, we got a lot of stock from various servers for you to purchase from.

With the Final Fantasy Gil, you can do everything from getting your hands on furniture to getting equipment for in-game use. It practically does everything you can imagine. So, you can simply go to the MMOPixel site and order your requires amount of Gils at this amazing Halloween Sale coming to MMOPixel

New World Coins and Items


If you are into dungeons and opportunities, then surely you have heard of New World or even are a fan of this amazing game. You have to get the in-game currency in the New World, known as the New World Coins to get better equipment, better, fight strongly, and open the rivers of opportunities.

Nevertheless, getting the New World Coin in-game is more difficult than it seems, you will have to waste your precious time and energy to get a hold of some coins, which are usually not enough.

Don't worry, an amazing Halloween Sale is coming to MMOPixel, where you can get all the Coins you will ever need in the New World without emptying your wallet. Did we forget about the items?

You can also get your favorite New World items from MMOPixel if you are not interested in getting the coins.

Final Words

These are some of the popular items at MMOPixel, while you can get nearly every game's currency or items here. So, don't miss out on the Halloween Event coming to MMOPixel, where you can get your favorite currency and items at the cheapest rates possible.

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