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Dark and Darker Dual Wield Guide

Dark and Darker has that amazing mechanism where you can change single wield to dual wield or vice versa. But, that comes at a cost and you also have to change some things around. Don’t worry, you are not left alone in this scenario, and here’s our Dark and Darker Dual Wield Guide to help you out.

How to Dual Wield in Dark and Darker?

It isn’t that difficult, you just have to do some things precisely and you will be able to Dual Wield. Just like the old legendary game where you have to put another weapon in the second slot to Dual Wield, the same process carries here.

But, one thing that you have to check back and make sure is in the correct manner is having one of those as the Primary and the other one as Secondary. To do so, you can check on the Slot Type under the weapon's description that shows whether a weapon is Secondary or Primary.

How to Dual Wield in Dark and Darker

Benefits of Dual Wield

  • When you dual-wield weapons, you are going to be more on the offensive side of the game because you won’t be able to block the attacks.

  • You will be able to utilize a specific play style in the game that annoys other players and you will always have an upper hand when fighting AI Monsters in a solo journey. 

  • You are more agile and mobile than most players, allowing you to escape or enter combat quickly, at the right time, without wasting opportunities.

  • Mobility is your true friend here and your only way is to dodge the attacks and move around to get a chance at the enemy.

Striking Distance

Another thing that you should be aware of is the Striking Distance and every weapon has a different one. The daggers are going to have less Striking Distance in contrast to the Sword and both of them have less in contrast to a spear.

It matters a lot because when you are Dual Wielding, you will have to take into account the Striking Distance and match it up with your other weapon.

Steps to Dual Wield

  • Get two Weapons, one should be Primary and the other one should be Secondary. 

  • Open your Inventory

  • Put the Primary one on the Primary Tab and the Secondary one on the Secondary Tab

That’s it! You will Dual Wield in Dark and Darker without passing through long procedures.

Best Classes for Dual Wield

Obviously, the Best Classes for the Dark and Darker Dual Wield are going to be two; namely, the Fighter Class and the Rogue class. 


Rogue Class in Dark and Darker

Well, every Dark and Darker player knows that Rogue has that mobility and agility to move around the game much easier, as well as faster. Rogue doesn’t depend on the shields or the chances to block enemy attacks.

But rather, the whole theme here is to simply hide, get out and attack enemies, while using agility to dodge the attacks or hide again. That’s why Rogue is such an incredibly popular class when it comes to Dual Wielding in Dark and Darker.


Fighter Class in Dark and Darker

On the other hand, Fighter has a perk named Dual Wield, so you know this one is going to be made specifically for this mechanism. When you get the Dual Wield Perk on Fighter Class, you will get a 15 percent increase in weapons speed in the Dual Wield form.

Unlike Rogue Class, Fighters are heavy, have armor, and have slow movement because of all of this. You will have to take all the shiny plates off and focus only on the Leather set, it will enhance your mobility and make your Fighter agile.

Not as agile as Rogue but still the second-best class for Dual Wielding.

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Tips for Dark and Darker Dual Wield Guide

Tips for Dark and Darker Dual Wield Guide

  • A very clear thing about Dark and Darker Dual Wield is that you can’t simply put a weapon under a primary or secondary slot that is two-handed. You can only put single-handed swords here on both slots to have dual wield.

  • Daggers are one of the best secondary weapons in the game, but that might turn out to be completely false under the circumstances. The game might put some variants as secondary, but you will also find some variants of the daggers that are primary. So, check them before you put them in your inventory.

  • Dual Wield usefulness changes more often than we know, making it quite debatable. Just don’t try to go for it when your friends are on it. Make sure you are comfortable with the dual wield and like the play style, otherwise Single Wield works flawlessly as well.

  • When you are going for Dual wield and you are a beginner, don’t go for Rogue… just don’t! Pick Fighter instead because of his special perk that gives you more speed on both weapons while using Dual Wield.

  • If you can’t play the game offensively or aren’t good with the dodge method, then don’t go for the Dual Wield. Don’t even come near it before practicing the dodge and strike method of the game. Dual Wield is made for the players who are quick with their dodge because there isn’t any shield here to defend you. Then, you also have to time the attacks in a manner that the enemy can’t attack you.

Should you Dual Wield?

Well, it depends mainly on the play style or what your choice of combat style in the game is. Your basic role in the game is to simply go in the Dungeon Run, take the loot, and get out before you die. 

You can utilize various strategies, classes, equipment, weapons, and methods to simply do that. One of the best methods that players found was Dual Wielding and it’s neat if you ask us. 

You can match and mix weapons, and do various play styles and combos to get an upper hand in the game. Although it does depend on your own choice, Dual Wielding is a specific technique used by amateur or pro players in Dark and Darker because of how complex it actually is.

There are no barriers to the imagination here because you can change weapons up with a different range, you can become one with the shadows, you can become the dodge master, or simply be the offensive player who rushes suddenly on opponents for a quick victory. Meaning, yes, you should go for Dual Wield and if you don’t like it, shift to a different play style.


So, that’s all the information we could come up with in our Dark and Darker Dual Wield Guide. Yes, it sounds amazing to equip a weapon in both hands, but you are sacrificing a shield and blocking ability for that. You are more agile, mobile, and offensive in this fighting stance, but we don’t recommend Dual Wield for beginners. 

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