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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to Completing Objectives and Challenges for Rewards

The new instalment, EA Sports FC 24, brings a new set of challenges, objectives, and excitement into the fray. But who doesn't want to earn as many rewards as possible as it gives the players an upper hand in getting what they desire in the game? And to earn those rewards we have to complete tasks in different game modes. So get ready to learn everything you can about them here from what we have for you today.

Objectives and Challenges

Objectives and challenges can be found in a variety of places within EA Sports FC 24, including:

  • The main menu

  • The FUT Hub

  • The Objectives tab

  • The Challenges tab

There are 4 categories in which these are divided mainly: Foundations, Milestones, Seasonal, and Live. 

  • Foundations are the basic tutorials that introduce players to the game mechanics and modes. 

  • On the other hand, Milestones, as the name suggests, are the long-term goals that will be completed or a long duration of the game cycle.

  • Now, Seasonal is the one which will be tied to the current season and will end or change depending upon the duration of the season. So, in other words, they are the limited-time ones.

  • And, Live are the dynamic objectives that keep on changing. Players' feedback and real-life events have a big impact on these.

EA Sports FC 24 Objectives

Some of the most rewarding objectives and challenges in EA Sports FC 24 are:

  • RTTK Giovanni Reyna: This is a Live objective that rewards players with an 84 OVR Road to the Knockout (RTTK) card of Giovanni Reyna, a young American star who plays for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. To complete this objective, players need to assist five goals with through balls, score 10 goals using Bundesliga players, score at least two goals per match in four matches, and win 10 matches while having at least three Bundesliga players in their starting 11. These tasks can be done in Squad Battles on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty or in Rivals.

  • ICON Loan: This Seasonal objective rewards players with four ICON loan cards for 10 matches each. The 4 icons are Ronaldinho, Ruud Gullit, Paolo Maldini, and Thierry Henry, some of the best ones in the game, and having them will boost any team significantly. To get them, you need to finish some tasks like scoring 10 goals with Brazilian players, winning 15 matches using Dutch players, assisting 10 goals with French players, etc. These tasks can be done in any FUT game mode.

  • World Tour: This Foundation objective rewards players with a Two Rare Gold Players Pack (untradeable). This objective introduces players to the World Tour Moments campaign, a single-player mode that features matches against different leagues worldwide. To complete this objective, players need to play five matches in World Tour Moments on any difficulty.

EA Sports FC 24 Challenges

Tips and Tricks

  • To complete the objectives and challenges faster and easier, players can use the Concept Squad feature to create a squad that meets the requirements of the tasks. For example, to complete the RTTK Giovanni Reyna objective, players can use the Concept Squad feature to search for Bundesliga players and add them to their squad. This way, they can see which players they need to buy or loan from the transfer market or use from their club.

  • To save coins and contracts, players can use loan players or untradeable players to complete the objectives and challenges. For example, to complete the ICON Loan objective, players can use the loan ICONs that they get from the Welcome Back Packs or other objectives. Alternatively, they can use untradeable players that they get from SBCs, rewards, or packs.

  • To make the most of the rewards, players can use them strategically and wisely. For example, to use the RTTK Giovanni Reyna card effectively, players can link him with other Bundesliga or American players to get good chemistry. They can also upgrade his card by completing his RTTK SBC, which will make him eligible for dynamic upgrades based on Dortmund's performance in the Champions League. Similarly, to use the ICON Loan cards efficiently, players can use them in important matches such as Weekend League or Rivals, where they can make a difference against tough opponents.

  • Some objectives and challenges will require you to use specific players or squads. Make sure you have the right players and squads in your club before you start.

  • Squad Battles and Rivals are great ways to complete objectives and challenges, as they allow you to play against AI or human opponents at your own pace. So take advantage of that.

  • If you are struggling to complete an objective or challenge, you can use training matches to practice and improve your skills. So never be afraid to use training matches to improve.

  • Use FC 24 coins to make faster progress and complete the challenges and objectives as soon as possible. If you are falling short of the coins, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Here are some additional tips for completing specific types of objectives and challenges:

  • Scoring goals: If you are struggling to score goals, try using a formation and playstyle that suits your attacking strengths. You may also want to consider using players with high shooting and finishing stats.

  • Assisting goals: To assist more goals, try playing through balls to your attackers or crossing the ball into the box. You can also try using players with high passing and vision stats.

  • Winning matches: To win more matches, try to build a balanced squad with a strong defense and attack. You may also want to consider adjusting your tactics depending on your opponent.

  • Completing Squad Building Challenges: To complete Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), you will need to collect specific players and items. You can find SBCs in the Objectives tab.

EA Sports FC 24 Rewards

Mistakes to Avoid

  • One of the common mistakes that players make when completing objectives and challenges is to focus too much on them and neglect their gameplay. A lot of players instead of playing naturally will try to put forced efforts into tackling or scoring to achieve the objectives which might lead to even more unbalanced coordination and may result in losses and mistakes. Instead, you should play to the strengths of the players and follow normal gameplay.

  • Another mistake that players make is to waste their rewards or use them inefficiently like opening the packs as they get them which is the wrong approach. All you need to have patience as waiting for that right special occasion will give you a better chance of acquiring a rare one.

  • A third mistake that players make is to ignore or skip some of the objectives and challenges that are not appealing or rewarding enough. Like there is this World Tour that you all must have seen. These have some challenges that many skip but they can be used as a vessel to gain more knowledge of teams and leagues around the world. So use this opportunity and complete them as well as you might never know what you might find on the way.


So there is no doubt that the objectives and challenges are an essential part of EA Sports FC 24 that provide fun and variety to the game. It is the vessel to earn rewards and help players move forward with their game and improve it, but there are many tips that players should keep in mind that will definitely help them on their way to victory as well as some common mistakes and many of us do on our way. Knowing all of these does make it easier to play and enjoy as well as help surpass other players playing on your level. By following what we have shared, the path will become easy for you will be able to enjoy it more and conquer the game. Also, read about the 4-3-3 formation to get an edge over other players.

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