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Elden Ring Faith Arcane Build Guide - How to Build a Dragon Knight (Level 100 Guide)

In Elden Ring sword and shield have always been the most fun way to complete the game. You can add style to your sword and shield by adding various incantations, signature moveset, and so on. 

Just like that, we have here a fancy build by name of Dragon Knight that is an evolution of Dragon Priest Build. Keep in mind, the amount of Spells, Seal, and Loadout you will have in this build is not meant for Level 50 or beginners, rather it suits the Level 100 mark much better.

This is the Physical appearance of Dragon Knight Build in Elden Ring

So, the Dragon Knight Build is one of the most versatile builds in Elden Ring, coming with various spells, weapons, shields, armory, and buffs to defeat enemies along the journey. For this reason, you can’t go with only the Faith, rather it's a combination of  Faith Arcane Build.

You can even add your touch to the build and enhance it to even late game. Now, let’s jump straight to the making of this build.

How to Build an Elden RIng Dragon Knight

To make this build you need a ton of things to equip and sometimes you might cross the loadout line to start heavy rolling. You will need a melee weapon, Shield, Dragon Spells with various other spells, Buffs, Seal, Heavy Armor, and Attribute point division to make this build work.

Dragon Knight Weapon/Shield

Iron Greatsword: There are various weapons you can choose for this build but the Iron Greatsword works like a charm. It has good damage and a better moveset for one hand wielding. Furthermore, our reason for picking this weapon is Ash of War which we will discuss later on in the guide.

  • The Attribute Requirement for this weapon is 18 on Strength and 10 on Dexterity

  • The Attribute Scaling is B on Arcane, D on Strength, and E on Dexterity. B on Arcane means, your Dragon Knight Attribute selection works perfectly with this weapon.

As we mentioned earlier, there are going to be issues with maintaining Load in this build, especially due to the Greatsword. If you want to keep the load down for this weapon, you can set it to Occult, while don’t forget to upgrade the weapon to something around +8.

Jellyfish Shield: The beautiful and unique Jellyfish Field is the top pick for this build. It is a great shield that works great with blocking instead of parrying. The reason for picking this shield is its Contagious Fury Signature which enhances the damage to around 20 percent for 30 seconds.

  • The Attribute requirement for this shield is 20 on Strength and 14 on Dexterity

  • The Attribute Scaling for this shield is D on Strength

Dragon Knight Seal

Without having a good seal in hand, your Dragon Knight Build will fall apart. Therefore, we are using here’

Dragon Communion Seal: It is one of the best Faith Arane build seals out there, coming with enhancements for Dragon Communion Spells. In this build, we are going to mainly use the Dragon spells and this seal works like a total charm.

  • The Attribute Requirement for this Seal is 10 for Faith and 10 for Arcane. It is a simple requirement and at level 100 you would already have achieved it.

  • The Attribute Scaling of this Seal is exceptional for this build, coming with S on Arcane and C on Faith. These are natural attributes for Elden Ring Dragon Knight build and the Seal will eventually become stronger.

Keep in mind to upgrade the seal as you go deep into the build. Something around +8 works like a charm for this seal.

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Dragon Knight Ash of War

In game Ash of War Bloody Slash

Ash of War Bloody Slash: The melee segment of Dragon Knight build feeds off the Ash of War Bloody Slash. It is a weapon art that does bleed damage through a slash. Remember we mentioned the use of Iron Greatsword, well it is compatible with Bloody Slash and makes a great combo together.

Dragon Knight Armor

Unlike most Faith Arcane Builds, the Dragon Knight requires the heaviest armor you can find, but a medium roll with it. The voice is yours in this segment and anything defensive will work great with this build.

One piece of armor is specifically good for this build and we will mention it below.

Silver Tear Mask: This headpiece enhances your Arcane attribute in exchange for the Physical Attack power you possess. For the Dragon Knight Build, this works like a charm becuase the weapon is Arcane Scaled the most. You get a lot of Arcane points while the attack reduction is only 1 percent.

Dragon Knight Talisman

Faithful’s Canvas Talisman: This Talisman enhances the potency of your spells or incantations.

Curved Sword Talisman: It encreases the Guard Counters of your character

Five Scorpion Charm: Increases the power of fire attacks but in exchange for less damage negation

Radagon’s Soreseal: Enhances the attributes but in exchange for more damage intake from enemies

Ritual Sword Talisman: Boosts the attack damage to around 10 percent when your Health Bar is full. 

Fire Scorpion Charm: It boosts the Fire damage of your character

Magic Scorpion Charm: Boosts the Magic damage of your character

Dragon Knight Spells

Don’t start worrying when we say that there will be around nine varieties of spells you will use in this build. The reason is versatility and you will use all the spells in the game in different situations.

Golden Boon: Used to heal yourself and allies overtime

Golden Vow: Enhances the defense and attack of your character and the allies that are nearby

Order’s Blade: Enhances the right-hand weapon with Holy Damage

Honed Bolt: Summons Lightning bolt from above to hit enemies with lightning damage

Lightning Spear: A ranged lighting spear that hits enemies and does the area of impact damage to enemies nearly. 

Catch Flame: This spell Sparks flame from the hand to deal flame damage in the front.

Flame Sling: Throws fireballs at enemies

Whirl, O Flame: Sweeps the area with Fire Streams dealing AOE Flame Damage in front

Flame Grant me Strength: Enhances the Fire Affinity and Physical attack power

Beast Claw: Summons a beast claw that does damage on the land

Noble Presence: An AOE spell that unleashed repelling shockwave

Black Flame Blade: Enchants the right-hand weapon with Black Flame, dealing flame damage to enemies

Black Flame: Throws black flame ball at enemies

Stone of Gurranq: Throws a boulder at the enemies

Agheel’s Flame: Throws the Agheel breath Flame from above-dealing flame damage on the area of impact

Bloodflame Blade: Enhances the right-hand weapon with Blood Flame

Smarag’s Glintstone Breath: Breaths a magic breath of Smarags Glintstone from above

Rotten Breath: Summons a dragon to breathe rot in on enemies to deal rot damage

Attribute Selection for Elden Ring Dragon Knight

This is the in game Dragon Knight Build Attributes and Stats

The Dragon Knight Build has one of the craziest Attribute spreads. Being a Faith Arcane Build, your main focus will be both of these Attributes, while mainly the Arcane. Vigor is important because most of your items will lessen your defense and you have to survive by investing in Vigor.

Furthermore, you need to keep the balance between Faith, Mind, Endurance, Strength, and Dexteity like;

Attribute Points

























Elden Ring Dragon Knight Build Final Verdict

Dragon Knight is one of the most fun to play builds at level 100. It is a bit complicated coming with strange Attribute Spread, a lot of spells, Buffs, and Sword/Shield play. There is too much versatility here and you can change things around for anything you like.

There is surely a benefit for this build, you can use it for nearly anything like fire damage, Physical damage, holy damage, and so on. All in one, a build that makes it worthy to be tried, tested, and evolved for late game.

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