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How do you choose servers in Lost Ark

Creating your character won't be the first important thing that you'll go through after logging into Lost Ark.Before you start creating your first character in Lost Ark, you'll need to pick a server. You'll only be able to interact with other players on your server. If you have friends playing on another server and you're looking to join their ranks, you'll need to make sure that you choose the right server before starting to level up your character.

Most MMORPGs allow players to move their characters to different servers, giving them flexibility if they decide to continue their journey on another server.

That's not the case in Lost Ark, however. Players can't change servers in Lost Ark since it's not allowed. If you decide to move on to another server, you'll need to create a new character.

This means that players will need to start from scratch whenever they want to switch servers. Before you start falling down Lost Ark's rabbit hole, it'll be a wise idea to ask around your friend circle to see if they've already started playing on another server.

There are a few factors you'll need to consider while deciding on a server. Your past MMO experiences and even your geographical location can help you make your final decision.


All servers in Lost Ark have dedicated languages. While there will still be players who speak different languages on all servers, the main language will make up the majority of the server.


Some players can enjoy more crowded servers as it'll mean that there can be more player interactions. Crowded servers will usually continue to be in demand, but there are also advantages to playing in less populated servers. Farming and exploring Lost Ark can be more peaceful in low-to-medium populated servers.

PvP / PvE

Like other MMORPGs, Lost Ark's player base is also divided into two portions. While some servers and guilds will prioritize the PvP aspect of the game, others may favor PvE more. This means that your personal style as a player will matter while choosing a server since you'll want to be surrounded by like-minded players.


Ping is potentially the most overlooked factor while picking a server. Even if you check the boxes above, your experience in Lost Ark can be lackluster if you end up joining a server where you have a high ping.

Before picking your server in Lost Ark, you should consider your ping to the servers and the language spoken on the server. Once you have these set, you can start thinking about whether you'd like to play in a highly-populated server and the type of gameplay environment you'd like to play in.

Considering Lost Ark is only making its debut in the Western gaming scene despite being fully operational since 2018, the feature can make its way into the game in the future based on community demand. With Amazon Game Studios stepping in as Lost Ark's publisher, quality-of-life features can be made for the game since the developer also has previous experience from New World.

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