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How to Level Up Weapons Fast in New World

Like other MMO games, New World requires users to work their way up levels. So, if you are new to this game and looking to level up weapons fast, then you are at the right place. When you are at Level 7, you will feel that most weapons are good enough and can do the job for you. Also, we expect that you will master the 3 weapon mastery/skill at this level. Upgradation is another option that you can look out for. While this is sufficient to get things started, several weapons are not utilized until much later. Although if a player truly wants to optimize the potential of his/her weapon to the max level, then they'll have to farm out weapon master experience. We'll show you how and where level up the weapons quickly in New World.

Leveling up in the New World game might be challenging for players who cannot play for an extended period. Moving up a ladder can be a tedious and challenging procedure. There are, however, methods to level up more quickly in New World. Whether through gear, weapons, talents, or experience, improving the characters will get you to the ideal level. And if you need any help in gathering these items, visit our website to buy New World coins. These coins will help you to get started well. 

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How to Quickly Level New World Weapons

To advance or upgrade your weapons to mastery level 5, you won't need many skills, notably early on in the game. Although, as the game progresses, it would be evident that your weapon mastery is slowing down. The weapon master level is probably low enough to out level the current adversaries, or it is at par with your level. 

New World Weapon Upgrade

Catching up with weapons

Attacking higher-level enemies grants you more base weapon XP, allowing you to breeze through the early weapon master levels. It is the most efficient way to level your New World weaponry quickly. Furthermore, because weapon scaling is determined by your character traits, light and powerful attacks will still deal enough damage to higher-level enemies. Of course, if you're switching to a new type of weapon, you'll need to pay respect to the weapon's attribute focus. For example, switching from a Fire Staff to a Warhammer necessitates a full character attribute reset. Another advantage is that higher-level gamers can still benefit from the accompanying how and where to upgrade New World weapons fast ideas.


Expeditions are a part of the main story in New World, with your first exposure needing five players entering Amrine Adventure around level 25. After that, you can complete a new explorable dungeon every ten levels until you reach level 55, when you can access two-level 60 dungeons built for end-game gamers. After that, expeditions are in-game content through which you can discover more content. In this, you and four other players can enter the expedition and kill monsters to get the loot. The good news is that these missions are packed with top-tier Enemies. It means you can gain much higher weapon mastery experience if there is no player competition. Furthermore, if you can make effective runs, you will gain far more characters and weapons points per hour than with standard outdoor activity.

New World Expeditions

Elite Zones

Elite zones in New Lands are among the most deadly in the game. They allow players to create groups and take on hordes of elite adversaries in the outdoor world. The finest part is that they provide a fantastic time and have the potential to drop blue high-tier weaponry. However, the blue item spawns are determined by the value of a chest or the loot table of a boss mob. Remember to fight with both weapons if you are a lower level or farm to level two New Frontier weapons quickly. When you use both weapons on a monster that dies, you gain weapon experience for both weapon masteries. You should do these everywhere, whether you're fighting elites, questioning, or participating in PvP.

Use the Life Staff to cause havoc

Try to cause damage with your Life Staff unless you're a healer in an elitist group or expedition. As previously stated, you only gain experience or improve your weapon if you hit the monster with just an attack before killing it. Most New World healers will have the ability to heal teammates with primary attacks. So, align your buddies with the mob you're assaulting to guarantee you heal and deal damage. Instead, spec into Beacon to guarantee that the Life Staff's main destructive skill is gaining weapon XP while also healing friends.


PvP gives players a lot of weapons experience for participating and an even greater player experience for having PvP enabled. While motivation is present, it is only sometimes efficient. Avoid PvP if you want to learn how and when to level New World weaponry quickly. It can be significantly less efficient if you eventually die a lot in PvP. The only moment we encourage using it is during large server events such as Fort takeovers, Wars, and other similar content.

Locations of Weapon Leveling

The locations listed below are in no particular sequence and are all feasible alternatives. When levelling weapons anywhere, the aim is to select AOE capabilities to burn down groups of foes. You'd like to train a bunch of foes towards specific spots, and then AOE takes all down for each location indicated. This strategy is significantly faster than killing each enemy individually. In general, a good weapon levelling location will include:

  • A large number of enemies with a reasonable spawn rate.

  • Allowing you to run an infinite loop of grouping foes together.

  • Slaying them.

  • Going on to the next group.

Great Cleave, Misty Borough

Misty Borough is in the Wayward, the mount section of Southern Great Cleave. Before pulling your mob groups, ensure you speed past the Eeeriedune Graveyard. This location is teeming with level 47-48 lost opponents, and you must be cautious not to tether them. You'll make numerous pulls, each of which will give you considerable weapon skill. There are a few structures with multiple levels. Take caution not to become stuck in a wall or on the stairs. You can leap out of the second mark into the kill zone for the first pull. After that, you can jump out of the walls and extend the pull to the kill regions on the other pulls with numerous floors.

New World Misty Borough

Great Cleave Defiler Excavation

The Defiler Dig is a mine filled with level 41-43 corrupted creatures. This site has three different pulls. First, you'll want to enter the basement and then take the following path: Each pull area is where you will group and fight the mobs. Then, when you've finished the third pull, simply jump back to the entrance area and continue the cycle.

Restless Shore - Channelview Post

Channelview Post is situated in Restless Shore's northern region. There are level 44-45 lost foes in this location. This is a large circle fort. The attraction is straightforward. Simply run in a circular pattern, gather all the swarms in the fort, and AOE them down. Rinse and repeat.

Mourningdale - Hibbotsfield

Hibbotsfield is found in the north half of Mourningdale and has corrupted foes of level 50. Hibbotsfiled also includes multiple corn fields, making it an ideal site to farm extra resources while gaining weapon experience.

World Leveling Rewards

As you level up your protagonist in the title New World, players will be able to earn several permanent gifts at certain level thresholds in addition to upgrading your fundamental Attributes. These levels can be viewed anytime by hitting "K" to start bringing up the Characters window, selecting the Qualities tab, and finally clicking on "View Leveling Awards." The following are the levelling awards in New World:

  • Level 5: The Second Weapon Slot

  • Level 10: The First Bag Slot

  • 1st House and 3rd Quick Slot on Level 15

  • Ring Slot (Level 20)

  • 4th Quick Slot at Level 25

  • Level 30 unlocks the third weapon slot and the second bag slot.

  • Level 35: The Second House

  • Earring Slot (Level 40)

  • Third Bag Slot at Level 45

  • Invasions (Level 50)

  • Level 55: The Third House

  • Outpost Rush (Level 60)


In Conclusion, while the New World game is in its early phase, gamers have already discovered how to level up swiftly. At least 1 player is concerned about this, but it was probably inevitable. However, gamers are always searching for ways to obtain an edge in games. In "New World," levelling up weaponry allows players to personalize their play styles to their preferences, eventually becoming more powerful with each perk earned. 

Players must constantly employ their favored weapons in combat to obtain experience points. Every killing on an opponent near a team's level grants significant weapon XP, meaning farming regions with large mob density can be quite useful when levelling up.

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