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Level Up Fast: Vigor Farming in Lords of the Fallen

How to Farm Vigor Early in Lords of the Fallen | The Nerd Stash

In the treacherous world of Lords of the Fallen, every step you take is fraught with danger and darkness. From the haunting parapets adorned with burning corpses to the mysterious abysses of a long-forgotten realm, you'll face numerous trials and tribulations on your quest. It's here that the importance of farming Vigor becomes evident, serving as your lifeline and means of empowerment. 

In this guide, we'll delve into the most efficient methods to level up in Lords of the Fallen. We'll explore the use of skull items, strategic grinding, and the crucial role of a specific accessory, all of which will aid you in your relentless pursuit of strength and success. 

So, if you’re a newcomer looking for an edge, this guide is your gateway to mastering the art of progression. Let’s cut to the chase:

What is Vigor in Lords of the Fallen?

The best Lords of the Fallen farm spot for vigor

Vigor in "Lords of the Fallen" is the game's dual-purpose resource, serving as both experience points and the primary currency for purchasing items and equipment from Merchants throughout the game world. Understanding the significance of Vigor is crucial for your progression and success in the treacherous journey ahead.

The Dual Role of Vigor

It plays a unique dual role. It represents your accumulated experience, allowing your character to level up and acquire new abilities. Simultaneously, it functions as the in-game currency you'll use to buy crucial items, weapons, and armor from various merchants. This dual utility makes Vigor a precious and versatile resource, making it essential for character development and survival in the unforgiving world of the game.

The Consequences of Death

In this dark and challenging world, death is an ever-present threat. When your character dies for the first time, the game offers a second chance, allowing you to reassess your strategy and continue your battle. However, the stakes rise significantly upon a second death. In this grim scenario, your character will drop any Vigor currently in their possession, creating a risk-and-reward dynamic that adds tension to every encounter.

Reclaiming Lost Vigor

Once your character falls in battle and loses their Vigor, there is a limited window of opportunity to recover it. Before you can regain your lost resource, you must return to the location where you met your demise and defeat the enemy that bested you. Successfully retrieving your dropped Vigor not only restores your experience points but also prevents them from being lost forever.

Ways to Gain More Vigor in Lords of the Fallen

How to Farm Vigor Early - Lords of the Fallen Guide - IGN

In Lords of the Fallen accumulating Vigor is essential for character progression and survival. There are several methods to increase your Vigor reserves:

  1. Defeat Large Groups of Enemies or Bosses

  2. Farm in the Umbral Realm

  3. Utilize Vigor Skulls

  4. Equip the Moth Ring

Resource Management in Lords of the Fallen

Vigor serves as both experience points and currency, offering flexibility in character development and item acquisition. However, effective resource management is vital because you'll often find yourself faced with choices on how to use your hard-earned Vigor. Whether it's investing in your character's attributes, purchasing weapons and spells, or upgrading your armaments, each decision can significantly impact your journey.

Axiom realm vs. Umbral

The realm feature adds an additional layer of complexity to the game. Dying in the Axiom realm may lead to a transition to the Umbral realm, the realm of the dead. However, dying in the Umbral realm results in the loss of all the Vigor you possess at that moment. To retrieve your lost resource, you must embark on a perilous corpse run to the location where your character met their end. Be cautious, as perishing along the way can result in the permanent loss of your hard-earned Vigor.

1. Fighting Large Groups of Enemies for XP and Vigor

PSA: Try Dodging Instead of Parrying in Lords of the Fallen

In "Lords of the Fallen," one effective method to accumulate both XP and Vigor is by taking on large groups of enemies scattered throughout the game. These encounters provide an opportunity to bolster your resources while navigating the dark and perilous world.

Strategic Enemy Engagement

When facing multiple foes, it's advisable to employ a strategic approach. Prioritize eliminating the hostile forces one by one, ensuring you don't venture too far from a vestige waypoint. These waypoints, including those created using Vestige Seeds, serve as pivotal locations for resting and recuperating. Much like other Souls like games, resting at a waypoint also triggers the respawn of nearby enemies, thus creating a viable farming run.

Boss Fights for Vigor Accumulation

Boss battles are intense and challenging encounters that hold the promise of substantial Vigor gains. Though bosses do not respawn, they offer a significant opportunity to accumulate Vigor and enhance your character's power.

Mini-Bosses and Elite Mobs

In addition to main bosses, the game features Sinner-type minibosses, which are formidable variants of elite mobs. These elite mobs are encountered repeatedly throughout your journey. Defeating them can yield valuable Vigor rewards, further incentivizing players to take on these tough adversaries. It's worth noting that these minibosses are among the most challenging foes you'll face, so approach them with caution and strategy.

2. Farming XP in the Umbral Realm

Lords of the Fallen: How to Survive Longer in Umbral World – GameSkinny

In "Lords of the Fallen," the Umbral realm offers a unique opportunity for dedicated players to farm XP, albeit in a chaotic and relentless environment. The Umbral realm presents an ever-spawning horde of hostiles, making it a challenging yet rewarding location for XP acquisition. 

XP Multipliers in the Umbral Realm

As you delve into the Umbral realm, you'll notice an XP multiplier displayed at the top-right corner of your screen. This multiplier, marked by specific values, gradually increases over time. The multipliers to watch out for are:

  • 1.10x

  • 1.20x

  • 2.00x

  • 3.00x

However, it's crucial to be aware that the intervals between reaching each multiplier become progressively shorter. This means that maintaining a high multiplier requires swift and efficient farming to take full advantage of the XP bonuses.

Chasing the Multipliers

To maximize your XP gains in the Umbral realm, a strategic approach is key. Many players aim to reach the 2.00x multiplier as it provides a substantial boost to XP earnings. Here's a common tactic:

  • Initial Farming

Begin by engaging and defeating the horde of hostiles in the Umbral realm. This will gradually increase your XP multiplier, initially set at 1.10x.

  • Progress to 2.00x

Progressively fight and accumulate XP until you reach the 2.00x multiplier. At this point, your XP gains become notably more rewarding.

  • Retreat to a Vestige Waypoint

To maintain your hard-earned multiplier and return to the safer Axiom realm, make your way back to a nearby vestige waypoint. Resting at the waypoint will allow you to quickly transition back to the Axiom realm without losing your XP multiplier.

Beware the Revenant

It's important to note that once you reach the coveted 3.00x multiplier, a formidable adversary known as a Revenant will spawn. This powerful foe prevents you from using your Sanguinarix flask, adding an additional layer of challenge to your farming efforts. Therefore, many players opt to farm XP up to the 2.00x multiplier and then retreat, avoiding the Revenant's appearance.

3. Utilizing Vigor Skulls in Lords of the Fallen

In "Lords of the Fallen," Vigor Skulls are valuable consumables that can significantly boost your Vigor reserves. These items are often discovered in different areas as regular loot, each coming with distinct tiers or values. Understanding how to effectively use Vigor Skulls can enhance your character's strength and resource pool. 

Finding Vigor Skulls

Vigor Skulls are scattered throughout the game world and can be discovered as regular loot. You'll encounter them in various areas, and they come in different tiers or values, each providing a different boost to your Vigor.

Utilizing Vigor Skulls

Using Vigor Skulls is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to make the most of these consumables:

  1. Access Your Inventory

Open your inventory screen to view your collection of Vigor Skulls. They are typically stored there alongside your other items and consumables.

  1. Select the Vigor Skull

Highlight the Vigor Skull you wish to use. Different tiers of Vigor Skulls will provide varying amounts of Vigor currency.

  1. Activate the Vigor Skull

Choose the option to activate or use the Vigor Skull from your inventory. Once activated, it will instantly provide you with the specified amount of Vigor currency.

  1. Benefit from the Boost

As soon as the Vigor Skull is used, the Vigor currency is added to your reserves. This additional resource can be used for character leveling, purchasing items, or upgrading your gear.

Maximizing Vigor Gains

To make the most of Vigor Skulls, it's advisable to use them strategically. Consider using Vigor Skulls when you need an immediate boost in Vigor to unlock new abilities or purchase valuable items. By carefully selecting the appropriate Vigor Skull from your inventory, you can optimize your character's development and overcome the game's challenging encounters.

4. Locating the Moth Ring in Lords of the Fallen

Moth Ring Location - Lords of the Fallen - Accessories - Equipment | Lords  of the Fallen (2023) | Gamer Guides®

In the challenging world of "Lords of the Fallen," every advantage can make a difference in your journey, and the Moth Ring is one such valuable accessory that can help you level up and gain more XP. This accessory has the unique ability to grant bonus Vigor drops from defeated foes, providing a substantial boost to your resource accumulation. Here's where you can find the Moth Ring:

Seeking the Moth Ring

The Moth Ring is not easily obtained, but it's a treasure worth pursuing for those looking to enhance their Vigor gains. To find the Moth Ring, follow these steps:

  1. Head to Upper Calrath

Your quest for the Moth Ring begins in Upper Calrath, a location within the game. This area is not accessible early in the game, so ensure you are in the mid-to-late-game stage of the campaign before attempting to acquire the ring.

  1. Explore the Back Alleys

Once you're in Upper Calrath, make your way through the area, keeping an eye out for back alleys. The Moth Ring is hidden within these alleys.

  1. Path to Skyrest Bridge

As you navigate through the back alleys, follow the path that leads you back to Skyrest Bridge. It is along this route that you'll discover the Moth Ring waiting to be claimed.


Mastering the art of XP and Vigor farming in Lords of the Fallen is a vital endeavor for every player navigating the treacherous path within this dark and challenging world. The acquisition of these resources is not only essential for character development but also for surmounting the formidable foes and bosses that lie in wait. 

Whether you choose to engage in strategic combat, venture into the tumultuous Umbral realm, utilize Vigor Skulls, or equip the valuable Moth Ring, your journey is enriched by these methods. With vigilance and determination, you can effectively harness the power of XP and Vigor, becoming a formidable force in the game.


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