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Lost Ark Berserker | Become the Best Warrior of Your Team!

Learn everything of Berserker class in this MMOPixel guide and defeat all opponents and monsters

Every good MMORPG that boasts as such has a unique warrior class with a great two-handed sword. With great attack power, this warrior is perfect to kill enemies at short-range and break the enemy lines. 

In general, the warrior also has a great attack speed. Thus, this kind of class is ideal for those looking for a good balance between power and movement speed. 

If you’re new to Lost Ark and are unsure which class to choose, we’re giving you some reasons to select the Berserker. 

Table of Contents

What is Lost Ark Berserker?

Berserker Strong Points

Berserker Weak Points

Lost Ark Berserker Engravings

Lost Ark Berserker Skills 

Berserker Awakening Skills

The Best Lost Ark Berserker Builds: Skills and Tripods

Berserker Identity Skill

Lost Ark Berserker Conclusions

What is Lost Ark Berserker?

Learn everything of Berserker class in this MMOPixel guide and defeat all opponents and monsters

The Berserker class is one of the most powerful Lost Ark classes. It is unstoppable, especially when they enter into Burst Mode. You’ll crush everything in your path! 

They gain increased attack and speed and unlock a unique skill that delivers a world of hurt to their enemies. Berserkers specialize in inflicting damage with greatsword attacks and unleashing extremely powerful abilities!

Berserker Strong Points

Easy to master.

Berserker skills deal massive damage to nearby enemies.

Works great in PvE mode.

Berserker Weak Points

It takes a long time to perform attack damage.

Longer cooldowns on attacks.

Struggles in ranged combat.

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Lost Ark Berserker Engravings

Lost Ark Berserker has two class engravings, Mayhem and Berserker’s Technique

There are six fundamental class engravings to build the best Berserker warrior. It also increases effectiveness. With these passive buffs, you’ll increase your customization tenfold. 

Berserker’s Technique

Lv1. While bursting, Crit Damage +30%. Negates Exhaustion after Burst ends.

Lv2. While bursting, Crit Damage +40%. Negates Exhaustion after Burst ends. 

Lv3. While bursting, Crit Damage +50%. Negates Exhaustion after Burst ends.  

Note. This class engraving removes the exhaustion debuff after Burst Mode ends. It allows you to start generating Fury again immediately.


Mayhem Berserker mode removes the Fury gauge, allowing you to toggle Burst Mode on and off at will. It comes at a significant cost. Berserker is capped at 25% of their maximum life, and only gains 25% of any incoming shields from support classes. Mayhem Burst Mode has slower stat bonuses, gaining 15% attack speed, 15% movement speed, and no extra Crit rate. 

Note. Using the Mayhem Engraving, you can focus on Crit and Swift as stat priorities. You can activate it using Engraving points.

Keen Blunt Weapon

Lv1. +10% Crit Damage, but your attacks have a chance to deal Damage -20%.

Lv2. +25% Crit Damage, but your attacks have a chance to deal Damage -20%.

Lv3. +50% Crit Damage, but your attacks have a chance to deal Damage -20%.

Here are Berserker class engravings you can opt for.

  • Master of Ambush. Damage +25% for any successful back attack.

  • Cursed Doll. Atk. Power +16%. Healing 25%, natural recovery excluded. 

  • Grudge. Damage +20% to Boss or above monsters. Incoming damage +20%.

Lost Ark Berserker Skills 

You’ll receive skill points each time you level up. Work toward the skills you need and max it out to get the most powerful attacks.






Assault Blade



Perform a diagonal slash to inflict 201 total Damage.

Crime Hazard



Jumping and swinging your greatsword to inflict 114 Damage and launch foes into the sky, then strike down to inflict 212 Damage and knock them down.

Double Slash



Swing your greatsword in the shape of X, inflicting 111 and 111 Damage for each swing. 

Finish Strike



Thrust your greatsword down, inflicting 654 Damage.

Shoulder Charge



Charge 7 meters toward the target location and inflict 151.5  Damage to foes in the path.




Spin around for 3s to inflict up to 799.2 Damage.

Power Break



Concentrate your strength into your greatsword to inflict 468 Damage to nearby foes and knock them back.

Tempest Slash



Charge 4 meters toward the target location and slash at foes, inflicting 181 Damage and launching them into the air. Use a combo to deliver a spinning attack, inflicting 126 and 126 Damage before landing a downward blow, inflicting 290 Damage.

Mountain Crash



Stomp the ground with one foot to attack all foes within a 4 meter radius with 194 [Earth] Damage, inflicting Earthquake on them for 2s.

Diving Slash



Leap up to 8 meters to the target location and strike downward, inflicting 182 Damage and launching foes into the air.

Chain Sword



Perform a diagonal upper slash, inflicting Damage of 175 and launching foes into the air.

Hell Blade



Thrust your greatsword into the ground, inflicting 65 Damage. Hold for 1.5s to attack 6 times to inflict 195.3 Damage. Hit the Perfect Zone to deliver a finishing blow that inflicts 1040 Damage and launches foes into the air.  

Wind Blade



Swing your greatsword and charge through foes, inflicting 582.6 Damage.




Thrust your greatsword into the ground, inflicting 251 Damage. Then pull it out and send forth a shockwave, pulling targets and inflicting 166 Damage.

Strike Wave



Concentrate energy on your greatsword and release it forward, cleaving the ground. This skill can be charged for 0.8s to inflict 472 Damage before being fully charged, and 1180 Damage when overcharged.

Red Dust



Swing your greatsword upward, inflicting 475 Damage. On a successful hit, foes take +12% Damage for 6s.

Sword Storm



Jump while spinning counter-clockwise and smash the ground to create a storm of swords, inflicting 822 Damage and knocking foes down.

Aura Blade



Quickly Slash the space and spread a wave of energy that attacks ranged foes, inflicting 394 Damage.

Berserker Awakening Skills

The Berserker class has two awakening skills. To unlock any awakening ability, you need to follow align with Beatrice’s post-level 50 questlines. 

Berserk Fury

Infuse your greatsword with power to create Berserk Fury and deliver a colossal blow that gains damage as it charges, peaking at a sweet spot at the end of the meter. 

You need to charge this skill to complete Berserk Fury, and the damage will become more devastating at higher charge levels: 111 Damage when undercharged, 111 Damage on Level 1, and 111, and 111 damage when overcharged. Attack range also increases according to the charge level. 

Note. Berserk Fury deals more damage than Chains of Vengeance, but it also generates less Fury.

Chain of Vengeance

Releases a chain of energy that explodes to inflict 111 Damage, then pulls foes in again, inflicting 111 Damage. A massive explosion occurs immediately afterward, knocking foes away and inflicting 111 Damage.

The Best Lost Ark Berserker Builds: Skills and Tripods

Below you’ll find the most popular build for both PvE and PvP. Berserker fulfills a great role in two cases and with similar abilities. The list has the best skills and tripods for this class. 

The Best Lost Ark Berserker Build for PvE and PvP

With this specific setup, you output even more damage while staying alive and buffing your team. Below, are the most used Berserker skills for the Mayhem build. 


Tripod 1

Tripod 2

Tripod 3


Enhanced Attack

Increases Damage done by 20% with a 0.5 sec slower cast time.

Find Weakness

Increases the skill damage by 40% to enemies immune to stun and knockback.

Confirm Dead

Adds a combo attack to the skill. The second blow will now deal 150% damage but with a 6 seconds cooldown to the skill.

Tempest Slash


Fury gain +75.0%.


Raging Storm

Removes the charge and adds a jump where you will spin three times. This increases the skill damage by 60%.

Slash Whirlwind

Red Dust

Quick Prepare

Greatly reduces the skill cooldown by 5 seconds. 

Vital Point Strike

It will give you a critical strike chance (20%) for 6 seconds upon a successful hit.

Red Wave

It increases damage by 125%.

Shoulder Charge

Excellent Mobility

Makes the skill of a 9-meter charge


Adds a finishing attack that deals 100% damage and knocks down enemies.


Wind Blade

Quickly Prepare

Enhanced Strike

Increases damage done by 20% with a 0.5 sec slower cast time.

Wind Swift

Adds an extra spin with an increase of 40% in damage inflicted.

Hell Blade

Training Results

AoE Radius +30.0%


Hell Blade Damage per hit +18.0% for 3.0s. Stacks up to 5.

Earth Flip

Element is now [Earth]. After the finishing blow, thrust your sword deeper into the ground, inflicting +120.0% basic skill Damage.

Berserker Identity Skill

Berserker’s identity skills revolve around their Fury Meter. When you fill-up the meter, you enter Burst Mode.

In this heightened state, you raise your attack speed, movement speed, critical damage, and decrease incoming Damage.

The result is a strong capacity to deal huge damage with this special skill. 

Charge the Fury Meter and unleash extra power for your AoE attacks

Lost Ark Berserker Conclusions

Berserker is a perfect balance between high-damage greatsword attacks and potent defense. Berserkers are powerful warriors who deal high damage output but at the same time have high max health and survivability. 

Berserkers are perfect to go into the battlefield and get a powerful strike. Most players will prefer this powerful warrior. It's a good choice to start taking advantage of the battlefield with their character.   

Unleash your rage using the Berserker class in Lost Ark and become the warrior

If you’re interested in more guides of Lost Ark and/or other games, just browse our web. You’ll find great articles of your interest. 

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