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Lost Ark Scrapper Guide: Heavy Martial Artist!

Scrapped is one of the most exciting yet simple classes in the game. Check out our Lost Ark Scrapper guide here at MMOPixel.

Scrapper is a Martial Artists Advanced Class, so you already may presume there is a lot of butt-kicking in your future if it’s the class you’ve chosen for yourself! Scrappers are usually equipped with a big gauntlet that hits enemies with crazy strong attacks!

Scrapper class is not as fast as other Martial Artists, but they are definitely dealing some crazy amount of damage with their Heavy Gauntlet. They are not all about the mana, so it may play to your benefit if you have trouble keeping it in check. Instead, they got something called Chi, which is why you need to achieve a balanced playstyle by activating your skill in the right order. 

Scrappers are best in causing Destruction that destroys parts of bosses’ bodies and impairment, making the enemies fatigued and ready for some slumber. 

So, without further ado, let’s check what these Scrappers have in mind with our top-tier guide on how to Scrap Around (it’s a work in progress!).

Lost Ark Scrapper: Identity

There are some Scrapper Builds to choose from! Remember - there is not just one option - here it’s all about the balance!

All of the characters in Lost Ark have different and unique special abilities called Identities that stand out among other classes. It’s basically their ultimate ability that makes them who they are. It’s like a real-life identity, to be honest.

Scrapper is an interesting one when it comes to the ultimate skill. In this case, you can choose Stamina and Shock Energy or combine them together in a switcheroo for ages to come! Stamina is the Yellow Skill that consumes, as you may presume, Stamina Energy. But - while dealing stamina skill damage, you can gain up to max shock energy recovered. 

This means that your attack power and attack speed are intertwined with these two kinds of energy in balance. It goes the other way around as well; shock skill damage gauges the attack energy of Stamina!

 Lost Ark Scrapper balances between two energies. Remember to keep that in mind while playing!

To deliver nonstop destruction and massive damage - remember to balance between those to make the greatest attack damage there possibly is! Remember - if you want to generate stamina - play with shock damage. If you need to generate shock - fight with stamina.

It’s fun to switch between them because both of them are useful in different situations. For example, Stamina Skills are mostly for sneaky backstabbing action, and shock skills are more for upfront fighting. So practice your stamina and shock training to become an unstoppable force!

The idea behind this character is simple, and it is the one class recommended for beginners. Just make a ground stomp attack, push immune enemies and deal some AoE damage. Simple as that!

Lost Ark Scrapper: Engravings

Scrappers are the Martial Artists’ Advanced Class. Close combat is their second nature, so keep that in mind!

Engravings are one of the most important aspects of gameplay in Lost Ark. Each Advanced Class has two class Engravings that can be unlocked at the endgame. Choose wisely, because they can determine your playstyle.

For Scrapper, you can choose from Shock Training and Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu. Let’s check out each one of them!

Scrapper: Shock Training Engraving

You can never go wrong with some “SHOCKING” Shock Training Action. This Engraving can really enhance your damage output. It improves your Shock Skill damage and gets you more Shock Energy while loading it with Stamina.

  • Lv. 1: Shock skill Damage +10%. 2% of max Shock energy recovered every 1s.

  • Lv. 2: Shock skill Damage +15%. 3% of max Shock energy recovered every 1s.

  • Lv. 3: Shock skill Damage +20%. 4% of max Shock energy recovered every 1s.

Scrapper: Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu

For this Martial Artist, mobility is not the primary focus. Scrapper deals damage to nearby enemies within melee range, and that’s it. With Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu - it can change. Rather than bursting damage with one final attack, you can deal consistent damage one attack after another with some Stamina passive recovery increased.

  • Lv. 1: Natural recovery speed of Stamina Energy +300%. Stamina skill Damage +30%. Shock skill Damage -30%

  • Lv. 2: Natural recovery speed of Stamina Energy +450%. Stamina skill Damage +45%. Shock skill Damage -30%

  • Lv. 3: Natural recovery speed of Stamina Energy +600%. Stamina skill Damage +60%. Shock skill Damage -30%

Lost Ark Scrapper: Skills

You don’t know how to pick the best skills, make huge stagger buffs, throw enemies to the ground or make the downward attack from up above? Well, every playstyle is different, so choose your Best Lost Ark Scrapper build and find the skill to match it! Here is a full list of all Scrapper’s skills! 

Remember, take some time with choosing your skills. Lost Ark rewards putting your skill points into a few baskets.




charging blow scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

Charging Blow

Charge then land a strike with your gauntlet.

crushing smite scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

Crushing Smite

Launch up to 3 shockwaves forward.

fierce tiger strike scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

Fierce Tiger Strike

Deliver 2 swift blows, then knock foes down.

dragon advent scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

Dragon Advent

Focus Fire energy to leap to the target location within 10 meters, attacking foes while knocking them down.

normal judgment scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x


Leap into the air and strike down. Foes on the ground take additional Damage and are knocked. down.

roundup sweep scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

Roundup Sweep

Throw a diagonal punch.

instant hit scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

Instant Hit

Land a flashing strike. Stuns foes for 3s.

death rattle scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

Death Rattle

Release all condensed shock energy. Knock foes back. Depending on the amount of shock energy you have, deal some damage to enemies.

earthquake chain scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

Earthquake Chain

Stomp the ground, damage nearby foes and knock them down.

charge scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

Critical Blow

Concentrate energy onto your gauntlets, and launch a powerful shock energy attack. Hold down the skill hotkey to charge. When overcharged, this skill inflicts damage, and then some more with the following wave attack.

chain destruction fist scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

Chain Destruction Fist

Smash the ground to shake the earth. You attack foes up to 4 times. Damage radius increases from 3 meters to 5 meters with each hit. The last strike will launch foes in the air.

battering fists scrapper skills lost ark wiki guide 64x

Battering Fists

Throw a punch. Hold the skill hotkey for up to 1s to launch a flurry of jabs to attack foes 6 times, then dash 2 meters forward for more damage, followed by a hook.

continous push scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

Continuous Push

Charge while swinging your fists. Use the skill again and hold it down to attack 10 times over up to 4s. On hit, incoming Damage -5% for 1s. Stacks up to 10 times. You are immune to Paralysis while this skill is active.

true rising fist scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

True Rising Fist

Deliver a rising attack forward. Use the skill again while in the air to land at the target location with a smash. Damage +50% against pushed foes.

iron cannon flow scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

Iron Cannon Blow

Land an elbow strike, then turn around to strike again. Use the skill again to land powerful punches while moving slightly forward.

shredding strike scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

Shredding Strike

Concentrate energy onto your arms for 1s while facing forward, and then instantly glide 3 meters forward, dealing damage along the way, then throw a punch for some more damage. This skill's Damage varies, depending on the amount of Shock Energy you have. (0 - 25% Shock Meter: +15%, 26 - 50% Shock Meter: +30%. 51 - 75% Shock Meter: +45%. 76 -100% Shock Meter: +60%)

chain of resonance scrapper skill lost ark wiki guide 64x

Chain of Resonance

Launch a shockwave forward to inflict damage, then pull foes to you and deal some more damage.

unshakable dragon king scrapper awakening skills lost ark 64px

Undefeated Dragon King

Perform an attack at the target location. Concentrate energy throughout your body and inflict damage while moving toward the target location. 2 Black dragons emerge from the ground and fly alongside you, obliterating your destination in tandem. You can move up to 13 meters.

blast of ruination scrapper awakening skills lost ark 64px

Blast of Ruination

Focus your mind and reinforce your gauntlets to deliver a powerful strike. Gather the energy in the air onto your gauntlets and thrust forward. The ground cracks, dispersing an energy wave that reaches as far as 14 meters, knocking foes back.

Lost Ark Scrapper: Gems

Gems can really enhance your abilities in Lost Ark. Make sure you choose an optimal set for your character!

Gems are a great way to enhance the abilities you already have. You have some that do some decent damage, let you achieve your desired stats, or lessen the stamina consumption for high mobility. 

There are many possible options, so make sure you choose wisely. Spammed abilities may be fun, by what about amplified damage in the last attack? Fighter classes are known for their undying power in hand-to-hand combat, so remember to get a significant amount of buffs suited to your playstyle.

Final Words

Thanks for checking out our guide for Scrapper. Whether you prefer a taijutsu build or shock build, remember that it is all about a balanced playstyle. There are two inverse forms in you so switch between sneaky back attack and hard-hitting skills in rough smash!

Check out more incredible guides on how to better your plays! There are many incredible Lost Ark and other games guides here at MMOPixel, so make sure to find the answers you’re looking for!

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