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MIR4 global release: beginner tips

Welcome to the exciting world of Mir4! After early popularity in Korea, the game has received a full global launch in 170 countries! With impressive graphics, several unique classes to choose from, and interesting gameplay—Mir4 is an engaging game to get involved with. And there is good news, MIR4 gold is for sale at mmopixel.com.

Mir4 offers four different classes for you to select from. The Lancer, Warrior, Taoist, and Sorcerer all have different attributes and gameplay elements.

Warriors are probably the most common good choice for players inexperienced with MMORPGs. Though their slow movement is frustrating and can be abused by other players, Warriors are built to last. With high defense stats, their durability will give beginner players the chance to make mistakes without too dire consequences

Sorcerers are more difficult but can be extremely powerful in the right hands. If you're someone that prides themselves on being cool and calculated, the high damage output of the Sorcerer's skills is an exciting prospect. Take advantage of the mana shield.

Lancers are one of the more difficult classes to master but have similar mechanics to other MMORPGs. The high damage and good supportive abilities make it a strong character to play especially with other people. Definitely consider if you're someone familiar with MMORPG games and think you'll play Mir4 with others.

The Taoist can be difficult. In fact, it's probably the most challenging of any of the game's characters. That doesn't prevent it from being by far my favorite. Why? Because you get to kick some butt! You're allowed to get up close and personal with people. Obviously, that means you're susceptible to punishment easily, plus the mechanics can be difficult. But if you're someone well-acquainted with fighting games, this could be the perfect character for you.

After your choice of class, customizing your Mir4 hero is the next order of business. Players can choose their characters a hairstyle, facial features, clothing type, and colors. You will eventually be able to make additional changes to your character, but only later on in the game so choose wisely!

From this point, it is standard MMORPG tutorials until you hit level 5. During the tutorials, Mir4 first introduces the "Air Walk" (it's a floaty double jump) that leads to wall jumps, in-air mobility, and eventually full-on flying. The aerial mobility becomes a much larger gameplay note later on in the game, a fact that is underscored by how impressive even the early game jumping ability feels.

Mining is a useful way to spend your time in the early game. You get resources or upgrading items but also gain the "Vigor" buff (max 3 hours duration) that grants 100% bonus experience! There are other ways to obtain the Vigor buff, but mining is a safe and reliable one.

Awesome Auto Potion

Battling, resource gathering, questing and many other things can be set to "auto" mode in MIR4 -- this is one of the defining features of the mobile MMORPG genre. Many players choose to play manually, but the "auto potion" toggle is a huge QOL improvement that is highly recommended for most classes. Classes that use a lot of mana like the Sorcerer are especially reliant on auto-potion.

Level 15 for Auto Mission

Auto Mission is a convenient way for your MIR 4 squad to continue making progress while you make RL progress away from your phone. In Mir4, Auto Mission unlocks at level 15 should be utilized ASAP in order to gain value!

Mir 4 has a variety of PvP modes players can use to label themselves and slay accordingly. These different flags allow for players to strategically align their PvP to match whatever in-game social or political setting you come across.

I imagine "Slaughter" will prove the most popular, especially when encountering free-for-all treasure chest scenarios.

Be warned, there is a cost to killing players!

The more you kill other players, the lower your propensity score (Ie, good v. bad stat) becomes. This is an important thing to consider as, the lower your propensity becomes, the less experience you gain! You can gain propensity back by killing monsters and things that aren't player-controlled.

We are full of expectations for the MIR4 game. More than anything—have fun and enjoy yourself. Plan things out as much as possible, stay patient, and the journey will surely be a nice one. Hope this information is helpful to you. We will keep sharing the latest MIR4 News in the coming days.

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