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New World Classes And Races - What You Need To Know

New World is the MMORPG from Amazon Games that has been giving a lot to talk about because of its non-traditional strategies to come up with an MMO game that is out of the usual formula.

An example of this would be the no class and race decision, which impacted tons of players the first time they entered the character creation section. As usual, everything in this game is designed for a reason, and that’s not an exception.

In this article, we will explore what this feature is about, how far it extends, and what you can do to develop a profession and carry it out during your New World journey.

New World Classes - How Do They Work?

There aren’t any New World classes or playable races to choose from when you create your character for the first time. This is because, unlike any other MMORPG, this game chose to provide you with a different experience.

In New World, we all start as humans, whether male or female. There aren’t different races to choose from because New World takes you to a state of mind where you can develop your character as you please.

What will determine the category of your PJ is the weapon type you choose, the trade skills you develop, and the faction you join.

Picking Up A Weapon

In New World, there are four weapon types that you can develop. Each type gives you six active abilities and up to 30 passive skills that you can use while you progress in the game.

Below you can see the complete weapon type list




Ranged Weapons


Straight Sword



Life Staff


Great Axe


Fire Staff


War Hammer


Ice Gauntlet

Void Gauntlet

Each of these weapons has a skill tree that you can develop to master the weaponry. Each one must be used according to a game style. For example, if you choose the War Hammer, you will get crowd control abilities that will help you in PvP activities or when you combat against the AI.

Based on them, you can create a different build for your human and turn them into a specialized character. This is how you build up tanks, supports, and DPS “classes.” 

The classless feature allows players to come up with even more complex and customized builds to endure the difficulties of New World. This is exactly why the game is so interesting and intense. You can even switch one weapon for another mid-PvE battle with complete naturality and start fulfilling another role than the one you previously had.

Now, you don’t only have the weapon skills to choose from. There are also trade skills.

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Picking Up Trade Skills

The trade skills are non-combat skill trees that you can develop to improve your playstyle. They are divided into 3 major skill trees – Crafting, Gathering, and Refining – and they give you certain advantages.

Here you can see the complete trade skill list






















The trade skill system lets you focus on so much more than just completing your missions or mastering a weapon. Gamers can decide which skills matter according to their playstyle and what they want to accomplish. For example, let’s assume that you would need top-tier enchanted weapons to defeat enemies. The Arcana and Weaponsmithing skills would be great for you.

You can create powerful potions that temporarily increase dexterity or intelligence; harvest rare ingredients; mine scarce materials; create the perfect piece of jewelry.

You have control over your path, so you can choose which skills you want to unlock, make a progression and spend time mastering. There are plenty of combinations you can do.

Finally, picking a trade skill is one way to make money in New World. The items you craft can be sold to NPCs or players in the market. The higher-gear score they have, the higher the price. So, have this in mind when you’re thinking about trade skills.

Developing Core Attributes

New World also has a Core Attributes system that explains even more why there aren’t specific classes in this game. If you want to wield certain weapons or fit in a specific gear, you will have to increase your basic stats.

There are five core attributes in New World: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution. The first 4 affect the damage you deal with certain weapons, while the constitution modifies the total HP your character has.

Each time you level up, you have a chance to increase your Core Attributes with attribute points until you reach the level cap. After that, the only way to raise your numbers would be with gear bonuses.

Here you have the details about which attributes affect weapons:

Core Attributes







Great Axe

Void Gauntlet

Life Staff

Only increases your life.


War Hammer

Ice Gauntlet

Void Gauntlet









Fire Staff


There is also a bonus that you start getting when you have 50 points in an attribute. After that, there is a 50-point range where you will be getting more boosts in certain abilities. So, when you reach 100, 150, 200, 250 points in an attribute, you’ll get benefits such as:

  • +5 critical change.

  • 10% skinning speed.

  • Mana regeneration.

  • The ability to cast spells faster. 

Core Attributes explain why it’s so important to have the classless feature in New World. In the rest of MMOs, you would typically only spend points on the attributes of your class. Here, you can distribute them with your intellect to come up with many incredible combinations.

You could be a DPS healer, a crowd controller with ice gauntlet abilities, or a support tank. Players can build the characters that suit them the most and play in a completely different way than they used to in traditional MMOs.

The effectiveness of your character, its weapons, and skills, will vary according to how you scale your points. So, use them wisely to create the ultimate New World role because you can’t go back once you have spent your points.

New World Factions - How Do They Work?

As you level up and satisfy your need for exploration, you will face three factions in New World. Each of them is trying to take over with their vision of how things should be.

This is the moment when you get to join one of them and help them conquer territories in fierce PvP battles. You will have to walk through the earth, form parties, find territories, confront groups of other characters and defeat them. You will have your allies along the way to help you go through.

Here you can see the factions and what they are:

The Marauders

Marauders have a vision of creating a nation free of rules, where power is everything. There will be no restrictions, and strength will be the factor that determines your value to the community. Weaklings have no place here. 

Marauders try to rule the settlements where they have control with an iron fist.

The Syndicate

The Syndicate are a kind of sneaky thinkers. They are well trained in Philosophy, theft, and other bad practices. They are all that humanity hates, truthseekers. 

Since they are so smart, they have the means to find long-forgotten thoughts and bring them back to the sun. They are looking to bring the power that comes through knowledge to the vast island of Aeternum.

The Covenant

Now, the Covenant is a sort of a fanatical and corrupted religious sect that believes in the Light of the Spark. They want to idealize the entire region and make a country filled with truth and justice. 

It all seems nice until you discover they plan to purge non-believers. They think they are the healers of the world.

The point of these factions is that they contribute to your development process as a player. Members gain experience and can claim certain rewards as they prove themselves worthy of the faction’s trust.

Make your choice according to your preference, and you will have tons of extra hours of gameplay.

New World Classes And Races - Final Thoughts

New World is an MMO game that is completely different from other MMOs. This title lets you choose how you want to play with your character in the Land of Aeternum and actually allows you to you act as if you are the player.

The immersion is amazing and the personalization exceeds what you were hoping for in other similar video games.

In New World, you can make a living by gathering wood and stone, finishing quest by quest, selling your Arcana crafted items, and much more. It all takes part in the gaming experience that Amazon gives you in this classless MMO.

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