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New World Farming Guide - How To Make Gold At Every Level

New World Farming Guide by MMOPIXEL

Every MMO game requires gold to prosper and New World is not an exception here. Whether you want to improve your gear or move to a new house - it will cost you a pretty penny. This guide will help you understand how the game's economy actually works, so you can utilize these tips to earn gold.

There are so many ways to farm gold in New World it may give you a headache. And that's not a bad thing, considering you can manage your income from the very beginning. Starting with basic stuff, we will proceed to more advanced techniques of acquiring in-game currency.

Collect Everything You See

Take and Complete Every Quest

Craft Items

Bags and Satchels


House Furniture


Sell Your Goods At The Trading Post


Transfer To Another Server


Gathering plants is an easy task for everyone

Just after leaving the tutorial, you'll be designated to a starter island. It's a great place for collecting valuable materials. Simply gather everything you see. It's also a natural part of gameplay and one of the easiest ways to make a profit early. Investing your time to improve Gathering skills is the best money-making strategy for early game.

Here are the most profitable items to look out for:

● Plants

● Fish

● Animal Skins

● Ore

● Trees

Those items alone are worth a decent price, but we're not stopping just there. Use the raw materials you found to craft items.

Also, try to level up your Harvesting Skill as soon as possible. A lot of players are undervaluing herbs. Why so? People prefer crafting swords and armors rather than picking flowers. Because of that, herbs can be sold at inflated prices.

It will vary from server to server, but Harvesting might be one of the most reliable trade skills at the moment.

Iron Ores are more common than Silver Ores

Another very profitable resource to collect early on is Iron Ore. A lot of recipes require iron and later on it can be turned into steel. That's basically two resource tiers in one! This would also greatly improve your Harvesting and Mining skills. The best Iron Ore locations are:

Mountain Ridgeline in Monarch's Bluffs. This farming route is the easiest since it doesn't require any combat. Nodes have 15 minute respawn timer, so it's best to start mining when they all respawned. This way, you'll collect the most.

Mountains in First Light. A huge resource of Iron Veins. The recommended level for this area is 17 unless you're good at avoiding combat. Getting here earlier is very profitable since you can farm other mineral veins if your skill is high enough. There's also a slight chance to drop rare resources like Raw Gems.

Crafting materials are always in need, but not everyone has the patience to gather them by themselves. Take advantage of this and make a profit using New World's economy. You're going to spend some time doing so, but it's well worth the effort.

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Take and Complete Every Quest

 Completing quests is a good source of income early

This is the most basic advice you'll find in this guide. While other MMO's won't give you much for completing quests, New World rewards you with simply following the storyline. It's very important in the early game, where every bit counts. Mobs can also drop gold, but not to an extent where you can farm them 24/7 like in other games.

It's best to find and pick up Side Quests and Town Projects from time to time, as those are often occupied with attractive rewards. New World's main storyline also provides one of the most lucrative quests available.

Craft Items

Crafting is essential for making a quick buck

Turning raw materials into profitable items takes some time, but it's worth the hassle. For example, using Hemp to make Fiber and turning it into Linen will get you a hefty amount of gold. Developing your Gathering Skill is a great money-making strategy even early on.

Although being low-leveled at a particular skill won't give you the best profit, the price for your items rises with its level.

There are three types of Crafting Skills: Crafting, Refining, and Gathering. You should prioritize reaching level 50 for each skill. It will help you later on when crafting better gear.

To level up your skills faster, upgrade your Flint Tools to Iron. Your gathering speed will increase in addition to collecting 30% more materials. Upgrade to Steel Tools if your Engineering Skill is high enough, to even further boost your gathering speed by 120%.


Bags and Satchels

With these you can carry more items at once, thus allowing you to gather resources more efficiently. Players will always need additional storage so bags and satchels will stay in demand for a long time. You'll also need a bunch of these for yourself, so remember that before putting them in the Trading Post.

Runes of Holding are also great moneymakers, but you will have to do Faction Missions to obtain them from Faction Shops.

Higher-tier Bags are worth a pretty penny

All bags are made on Outfitting Station and the most basic bag requires Armoring Skill of 0. This means you can make a profit right from the start. To start off, grind Faction Quests to afford Rune of Holding. Then obtain Coarse Leather, Iron Ingots, and Linen Cloth, then proceed to craft low-tier Bags.

This way you will reach Armoring Skill of 50 which allows for crafting high-tier Bags worth much more. Rinse and repeat until you'll be able to craft Infused Leather Bags that are worth a lot of money and are always in high demand.


Health and Mana Potions are always in price. They're typically used soon after purchasing which is why they're always needed.

Not only potions but every consumable with different bonuses can be sold at a reasonable price. While specific consumables have fluctuating prices, some are being consistent in their value.

Later on, you're going to focus on selling crafted items rather than raw materials. That's why consumables are your best bet since everyone needs them regardless of character level.

House Furniture

Furniture serves as a decoration for players' houses. A large portion of players already owns a house so it's always a good investment. You can also produce storage chests for those, who have a ton of stuff in their houses.


Jewelry is used to boost your Attributes on top of added protection and survivability. You can unlock their respective slots by reaching level 20.

Making those require Raw Gems, which are rare resources from the mineral deposits. It's best to enhance Mining Luck to improve your chances.

You'll then need to collect motes in order to refine them as Cut Gems. It's not the best gold-farming method, but it's good enough when combined with other activities. Jewelry is aimed towards high-level players to complete their builds.

New World Beginner Guide - Best Tips and Tricks To Use When You Start

Sell Your Goods At The Trading Post

Watch out for transaction charge for the selling order

It's important to understand how each Trading Post works because this is where you'll be earning gold throughout your playthrough. Trading Posts are like Auction Houses. Here, you can conduct the buying and selling of items.

Everything you found or crafted can be sold here: weapons, potions, Gathering Tools, etc. You can also check what is currently selling for the most coin, so you can alter your crafting routine to suit the market's needs.

Remember, each Territory has its own Trading Post and economy. For example, Green Wood in one area can cost 0.18 per piece, while other Territory sells it for 0.30. Always compare Trading Posts to ensure the best selling price.

When placing an order, you'll be paying a listing fee. The longer your post will remain active, the higher the listing fee will be, so balance it well with your selling price.

Every Territory has its own Trading Tax, so you have to deduct a given percentage from your income. Some Settlements will have 4% tax, while others whopping 8%. Members of the Companies are entitled to tax discounts, so it's worth joining one.

While visiting Settlements, you come across dozens of players, so make sure to trade with them directly. If you possess an item worth a fair price, there's a high chance someone will buy it from you!


Use Trading Post to your advantage

This method is completely based on selling goods and is one of the more complex ways of making money. We advise using this method for more experienced players.

Most people want to sell their loot quickly, which means they will post their goods undervalued. The idea is to buy their loot and re-post for a higher price. It's one of the best methods to net you a decent amount of money.

While looking rather easy from the surface, you have to consider a few tips so that you won't leave empty-handed.

Here are some rules to follow:

Buy low and sell high. The oldest principle of trade. There is a catch, though. You should include Trading Tax and Listing Fee in your calculations since Trading Post is taxed.

Use Buy Orders and Sell Orders. This is the best method to search and buy items below their value.

Avoid purchasing common items. If something is easy to get, people will buy it in large quantities. While being common, it goes down in price. Avoid flipping low-level crafting materials, for example.

Search for high-demand stuff. Analyze the current meta and trade what's actually hard to get. People tend to buy rare items in large quantities.

Focus on niche and obscure items. Some can be bought for laughable prices and sold for a large profit. Although, this is for more advanced players since it requires a good knowledge of the game.

Watch the pricing fluctuation. Like in real-life, sometimes prices fall to increase again. Usually, items are more expensive during weekends since more people are playing. Take advantage of it - stock up mid-week and sell on weekends!

Invest the gold you earned. By investing more, your returns will increase significantly. However, higher investment equals higher risk.

Start analyzing the market and spot items that are worth flipping. This is a time-consuming process and definitely not for everyone, but it's worth the time. In the right hands, flipping can become a reliable source of income.

Transfer To Another Server

 Sometimes transferring to another server is inevitable

New World's economy isn't perfect by any means. Some server economies are not the best, to say the least. Amazon Games isn't doing very much to address those issues, so switching to a less populated server might be your best bet.

Use this tip as a last resort if the server’s economy you’re playing on is broken beyond repair. Sometimes, it’s the most viable option and perhaps your best chance for a fresh start.


The economy of New World is fluid and changes over time. Always remember to do proper research before buying or selling stuff, since every server is different. Prices will fluctuate on a daily basis, so follow the current trends to minimize your losses. Sometimes it's better to simply stack up and wait for the market to stabilize.

Here, on MMOPIXEL, we do our best to make our guides useful and informative. Since New World’s economy is constantly changing, we might have missed a method or two. Let us know if there’s something else worth mentioning!

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