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New World is set to implement Patch 1.0.4 today

Following a new update that was released last week, New World is set to implement Patch 1.0.4 later today, and to the joy of players, it will bring the return of two desired features to the game.

Amazon Games has released information about the latest update 1.0.4 for New World that is scheduled to release today, October 28, with there set to be some downtime ahead of the patch rollout.

Update 1.0.4 is primarily focused on fixing the top issues our players have been hitting in recent weeks, especially those impacting wars. Notable fixes include resolving the AoE magic effect War exploit, the issue preventing players from being able to appropriately increase their Faction token cap, and beginning work on addressing issues causing invulnerability.

According to the Community Manager on the official New World forums, the server downtime for each region will be at the following times:

US-East – 1:00 am ET

South America – 2:00 am BRT

Central Europe – 7:00 am CEST

South America – 3:00 pm AEST

The US-West coast servers will not go down until 11:00 pm PT, which will be one hour later than the rest.

Following the server downtime that is set to run for around four hours in each region, New World update 1.0.4 will be arriving for everyone on October 28.

The full patch notes can be seen below:


Removed the Everfall starting beach to funnel new players through the other 3 locations to increase the probability of new players and friends being able to start together.

The first house discount reduces the purchase price but does not reduce taxes. However, the UI indicated to players that their taxes would be reduced, and it was only after purchasing the house and needing to pay taxes that they discovered they had to pay full price. We will compensate any player who purchased a house before the UI fix went out with 2,000 coins.

Slightly improved performance within Wars.

Slightly improved the performance of the Life Staff with changes to the passive abilities Mending Touch and Blissful Touch.

In update 1.0.3 we corrected a bug causing companies to lose income from owning multiple territories or from failed War declarations. With this update we are reimbursing lost coin revenue.

The Company treasury will be reimbursed for all lost coin revenue resulting from the issue.

The revenue returned will not exceed the treasury cap.

If a Company has been completely abandoned, they will not recover lost coins.

We increased the Faction token cap by 50% for each Faction tier. We made this change so that players can earn extra tokens even if they've hit the reputation cap and want to save up while working to advance to the next Faction rank. Here are the new values:

Tier 1: 5,000 tokens, increased to 7,500

Tier 2: 10,000 tokens, increased to 15,000

Tier 3: 15,000 tokens, increased to 22,500

Tier 4: 25,000 tokens, increased to 37,500

Tier 5: 50,000 tokens, increased to 75,000


Fixed an issue where the Faction token caps were not increasing after players had completed the rank-up quests for their faction.

Fixed a rare issue causing world time to skip ahead or behind, which would subsequently cause a variety of issues across the world.

Fixed an issue causing players to lose houses they owned in Cutlass Keys.

Fixed several rare server crash issues.

Fixed an issue with the suspension/ban notification showing incorrect times.

Fixed an issue where players could use their world transfer token while they still had active trading post contracts, causing additional issues when the transfer was resolved.

Fixed an issue causing some AI to not spawn in the world as intended.

Fixed an issue where Mrykgard Corrupted portals in Shattered Mountain were distributing higher tier gear than intended, and respawning faster than intended.

Fixed an issue where enemies in Myrkgard Corrupted portal events were dropping loot.

Fixed an issue causing an unintended animation when interacting with the bubbling cauldron housing item, and an issue causing the ladle object to not appear in the player's hand while interacting.

Fixed an issue with Starmetal and Orichalcum ore veins where large ore veins were rewarding small amounts of ore and small ore veins were rewarding larger amounts of ore.

Fixed an issue where the War lottery timer would not pause correctly during the War lockout period.

Fixed the render distance of the Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin lights.

Fixed an issue causing the GM chat tag to show on non-GM players.

Fixed an issue causing armor textures to flicker.

Fixed an issue in the Starstone Barrows Expedition where the arcane protection was not protecting players from certain lasers.

Fixed an issue where certain enemies in the Amrine Excavation were invulnerable.

Fixed an issue where the Ice Pylon could stay on an infinite cooldown.

Fixed an issue where players could obtain rings that had two perks sharing an exclusive perk label, and shouldn't exist on the same ring.

Fixed an issue causing the projectile visual to be absent from Ice Gauntlet and Ice Pylon attacks.

Fixed an issue where players would be unable to complete a variety of game actions after fast traveling.


The fixes listed below are tentative fixes and mitigations. Our goal is to get these changes out and see if issues persist, so we can continue to work on them and address in a future update if necessary.

Fixed a War exploit where players could use area of effect (AoE) magic effects to capture rally points without taking damage. This should be improved by the War performance and Life Staff performance updates, but we will continue to monitor to see if issues persist.

We have fixed several known causes of players being invulnerable. This issue is a top priority for our team, and we are continuing to track down fixes for additional causes of this issue.

We have speculatively fixed the issue where players could get stuck after leaving Outpost Rush. This was a rare issue and our team was not able to reproduce it. We will continue to monitor during the rollout.

That is all for the patch notes for update 1.0.4 in New World that will be releasing around the world on October 28. Mmopixel can offer cheap and fast New World coins, and we have customer representatives online 24/7. Look forward to your visit.

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