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The Elder Scrolls Online Tank Sets Guide

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a popular MMORPG game, and players are always looking for ways to excel further and be a step ahead of others. In such cases, players often look for what is best for them and their team, which will give them an edge compared to other teams. In ESO, you have many different roles and sets for each role. In this article, we will discuss the Elder Scrolls Online Tank Sets, and if you are looking for the best game sets, then you are at the right place. Scroll down and read the complete article to find out everything that is there to know about the Tank Sets in ESO. 

Also, keep in mind that the list is not in any particular order. While playing the game, you might come across a more robust set than the ones mentioned in the list. We have tried our best to give you the list of the best sets available. While using the tank sets, you should be aware of your team's needs and the tank's powers so that you get the maximum output from your set and help in taking your team to victory. Let's begin then. 

ESO Tank

Best Ability Altering Tank Sets in The Elder Scrolls Online

Puncturing Remedy

This powerful set is available/can be obtained in Dragonstar Arena. Puncturing Remedy comes in two forms: Normal and Perfected Puncturing Remedy. When you activate this Tank Set, it provides you with a tremendous heal and adds it to your opponents for a particular period (5 seconds).

Best Mythic Tank Sets in The Elder Scrolls Online

Death Dealer's Fete

To get your hands on this set, you must have five unique leads: Wide Barbed Shank, Weighted Spiked Bridge, Warm Asymmetrical Ruby, Sturdy Silver Prongs, and Carved Signet Base. Collecting these leads will then give you a robust mythic set. It will be created automatically. Death Dealer's Fete helps you upgrade all your vital stats. It is highly recommended to keep on fighting once you acquire this set, as it tends to lose its bonus if you are out of action for far too long.

Bloodlord's Embrace

Like the Death Dealer's Fete, this set also requires five unique leads before being created and used. These leads are - Thirsting Girdle, Sanguine Doublet, Hecatomb Tassets, Goblet Gorget, and Fanged Cuircass. Collecting these leads will then give you a powerful mythic set. It will be created automatically. This set is used to deal a blood curse on the opponents. Once your enemy is cursed, you gain Magicka whenever you block their attack. Intriguing, right? There are many more powerful and exciting sets, so keep on reading.

Torc of Tonal Constancy

Five separate leads—Torc Strand of Lore, Torc Strand of Power, Torc Strand of Sing, Torc Throat Guards, and Torc Tonal Focus—can be combined to create the Mythic set known as Torc of Tonal Constancy. The highest quality set will be automatically prepared once you have gathered all the leads. Depending on whether the resource is lesser, the Mythic set significantly boosts your recovery of Magicka or stamina. You will obtain stamina recovery if your stamina is below 50% and Magicka recovery if your Magicka is below 50%. This Mythic set can be particularly challenging to use because it necessitates extensive micromanagement of the resources.

ESO Tank Sets

Best Monster Tank Sets in The Elder Scrolls Online

Archdruid Devyric

  • Location for Head - Earthern Root Enclave dungeon

  • Location for Shoulder Piece - Glirion Undaunted Chest

This monster set adds the strong debuff called the Major Vulnerability to the opponents. This is a handy set, and one should look out for it.


  • Location for Head - Volenfell Dungeon

  • Location for Shoulder Piece - Glirion Undaunted Chest

Tremor scale is a unique monster set adding debuff to the opponents just like the previous set. Tremorscale also proved to be useful for stamina-driven groups. It adds debuff and reduces the physical resistance of the opponents by 2395.

Lord Warden

  • Location for Head - Imperial City Prison Dungeon

  • Location for Shoulder Piece - Urgarlag Undaunted Chest

This set is compelling mainly because it can provide extra powerful resistance and reduce damage. 


  • Location for Head - Spindleclutch II

  • Location for Shoulder Piece - Maj Undaunted Chest

This is a good set because it increases ultimate regen and overall resistances almost indefinitely as long as you keep getting hit. In addition, it drops in a base game dungeon and is thus relatively easy to obtain; consider it a good starter set. 

There are many more powerful Monster Sets in The Elder Scrolls Online game waiting to be discovered. Once you get the hang of things, you will quickly obtain them. So keep trying and find new and incredible sets.

ESO Tank Sets Guide

Best 5-Piece Tank Sets in The Elder Scrolls Online

Battalion Defender

You can obtain this set at Cyrodiil from the Rewards Of the Worthy Boxes. Battalion Defender is one of the best 4 players group sets in ESO. While using this set, you get an increased heal which can go up to a maximum of 7900. All you need to do is block.

The Ebon Armory

This excellent Tank set can be located in Crypt of Hearts 1 and 2 dungeons. This is arguably the best set suitable for a team with 4 or 12 players. It is a must-have for all those who fall into this category. Ebon Armory is helpful when you need to increase the overall health of the ally team by a factor of 1000. That may not seem like much, but it can make a significant difference by decreasing the number of deaths. It is easier to identify because it has a distinct animation in which three red orbs float around the players.

Plague Doctor

The set can be obtained from the Deshaan Zone. Plague Doctor is primarily used to improve the tank's health significantly. However, it can be easier for the tank's survival if you can increase its health well above the 50-60K range. You can sustain it well if you have the right equipment and resources. Plague Doctor is an important set, and it's beneficial if you have it in its ultimate form. So increase its health even if it costs you some ESO currency.

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Powerful Assault

Another powerful set that appears at the location - Royal City Sewers. Its Assaults are easily obtainable through special boxes, which you can get from the Imperial City Vendor. The set effect can be applied to yourself and up to five group members, who will each receive 307 weapons or spell damage.

Yolnahkriin Claw

There are two variations of the Yolnahkriin Claw: Yolnahkriin Claw and Perfected Yolnahkriin Claw. On each set, the five-piece exclusive bonus is the same, except for one more health benefit in the perfect version. Another great choice is this set since it provides Minor Courage, Spell, and weaponry damage to your gang deals totaling 215 and stacks with Major Courage.

Beekeeper's Equipment

The Greenshade Area is where Beekeeper's Gear is dropped. Again, this specific set primarily utilized port a build with a strong health recovery focus.

Brand of the Imperium

Imperium brand items fall from the White Gold Tower. You and your party receive a sizable shield from the set for a brief period. The lengthy cooldown is the sole drawback of this. The outfit is frequently employed to shield allies from the damage in 4 man dungeons. If you like, you can just do one bar of the set.

Foolkinner's Ward

Foolkiller's Ward may be found in the dungeon The Cauldron. The set works well in four-person groups since it provides each player with a shield and more sustain.

Veneer of Hircine

In Selene's Web dungeon, Hircine's Veneer can be found. Comparable in operation to the Worm's Raiment set. It gives the entire group a 145 stamina recovery boost. It is primarily employed in trial groups based on stamina. This outfit can be helpful if your squad has problems with stamina sustain.

Green orbs that float within your character help you to identify the set's pretty distinctive motion.

Tong Morag

Morag Tong may be found as a drop at the Bruma Elite Gear Vendor in Cyrodiil. This kit can also be used on a tank to support the poison and illness damage skills of damage dealers. Since it only needs an aptitude for direct harm to proc, keeping up with it isn't that difficult.

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