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You Need To know Every Stonefalls Skyshard In Elder Scrolls Online

It seems like there is never a lack of things to do in The Elder Scrolls Online, especially as chapters and expansions have added up over the years to include the vast majority of Tamriel. Skyshards are a valuable collectible in the Elder Scrolls Online, and there are 16 to find in the Stonefalls region of Morrowind in Tamriel. Skyshards in the Stonefalls region are not necessarily difficult to find. However, because some are located in dungeons, players may have to clear them if they haven't already. Players may also face the occasional danger of lava pools in this particular area.

Skyshards are nodes of energy found in every single zone and dungeon in the game. Skyshards are used to help players build their characters in Elder Scrolls Online. While leveling players gain a set number of Skill Points at each level and milestone, but the total number of Skill Points caps out at Level 50. Every three Skyshards a player collects will yield one Skill Point they can use to purchase a new Skill for their character. There are 453 Skyshards so far in Elder Scrolls Online, found in every region of Tamriel. Of these, 16 can be found in the Stonefalls region between Deshaan and The Rift.

Players can go about collecting Elder Scrolls Online Stonefalls Skyshards in any order. However, the easiest ways to collect them are either in order as players travel across the Stonefalls or starting with those available in the Overworld and gradually working toward the dungeon locations. Once players collect all the Skyshards in an area, they should receive an Achievement and new dye to change the appearance of their character's gear.

Here are the locations of every Skyshard in the Elder Scrolls Online's Stonefalls region.

Skyshard 1 - Northwest of the Davon's Watch Wayshrine fast travel point, on the western border of the town between the wall and some trees.

Skyshard 2 - In the Innersea Armature underground, down the steps. Players must make the first right at the turn that is not a dead-end and will find the Skyshard at the far left and south corner of the room.

Skyshard 3 - In Crows Wood Dungeon, behind a huge rock in the water, past an old house.

Skyshard 4 - Southeast of Davon's Watch Wayshrine, near Bal Foyen's Gate.

Skyshard 5 - In Emberflint Mine, directly West of Othrenis Wayshrine. Inside the dungeon, players should take the first left into the large room, then keep right and follow the path.

Skyshard 6 - Northwest of Fort Arand Wayshrine, on a cliff overlooking the town.

Skyshard 7 - In Mephala's Nest, in the center of the room down the first path on the right.

Skyshard 8 - Directly South of Vivec's Wayshrine, in a pool of fire.

Skyshard 9 - South of the Matrons Clutch, on the south end of Sulphur Pools, on a cliff by a statue.

Skyshard 10 - Inside Hightide Hollow dungeon. Players will need to reach the lower path, jump the rocks that lead through the pool of fire, and find the large rock area on the right.

Skyshard 11 - Northwest of Hrogar's Hold Wayshrine, on a cliff behind some giant mushrooms.

Skyshard 12 - Directly West of Iliath Temple Wayshrine, above the entrance to Fungal Grotto dungeon.

Skyshard 13 - In Sheogorath's Tongue dungeon, to the right of the entrance behind a wall in the room.

Skyshard 14 - Up a hillside behind a farm, far southwest of Sathram Plantation Wayshrine.

Skyshard 15 - In Softloam Cavern dungeon, near the pool of fire. Players should take the first left and southern path. At the end of the path, they must keep right and enter the large room.

Skyshard 16 - On the right side of the lava pools south of Ashen Road Shrine.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a very populated world, as it incorporates quests and collectibles and is an excellent open world for players to explore. Traveling with a group can help players find and collect every Stonefalls Skyshard, especially those available in Elder Scrolls Online's public dungeons.

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